Album – “España”

Das komplette Flamenco-Album “España” ist jetzt veröffentlicht.

Vorerst als digitale Version, die CD erscheint Ende des Jahres 2021.

The complete ambient album “España” is out now.

Initially as a digital version, the CD will be released end-2021.


Track 1: costa escarpada
“rugged coast”. One of the most beautiful coastlines in the world is the rugged coast of north-west Spain.
Track 7: las ubiñas-la mesa
The Las Ubiñas-La Mesa Natural Park is located in a mountain range, the relief of which is characterized by strong contrasts. The Peña Ubiña massif protrudes near the border with León, and is the second highest mountain range in the region after the Picos de Europa with heights of over 2,400 m.
Track 2: el aire de la sierra nevada

“the air of the sierra nevada”. In Granada and Almería, in eastern Andalusia, the highest peaks on the Spanish mainland soar into the sky. There more than 15, over 3000 meters high mountains tower up over 90 kilometers. This region with its mountains and countless rivers and streams that fill this region with life has been populated for over 2,000 years.

Track 8: alt pirineu i aran
With almost 70,000 hectares, the Alt Pirineu Nature Park is the largest of its kind in Catalonia. As a retreat for numerous endangered species, the area is of great importance for nature. At the same time, the landscape has been shaped by human activities since ancient times and is therefore rich in archaeological and architectural monuments.
Track 3: atardecer en formentera
“sunset in formentera”.
Track 9: serrania de cuenca
The natural park “Serranía de Cuenca”, north of the provincial capital Cuenca, is an extraordinary landscape. Deep gorges and stone figures formed by erosion alternate.One of the most fascinating places is the “enchanted city” (Ciudad Encantada).
Track 4: en el bosque de pinos
“in the pine forest”. Pine trees are wonderful trees and the Spanish pine forests have a soft, magical atmosphere. For Christians it takes the symbol of the tree of life and its cones stand for immortality and resurrection in Christianity. The cone is also a symbol of the goddess Cisa.
Track 10: ronda
Ronda is a city on a mountain top in the Andalusian province of Málaga in Spain. It has a breathtaking location above a deep gorge. This gorge (El Tajo) divides the new town, which dates from around the 15th century, from the old town from the time of the Moorish rule. The Puente Nuevo, a stone bridge over the gorge, offers a lookout point. It joins the list of “white villages” and has already seduced important writers such as Rainer Maria Rilke and Ernest Hemingway with its magic to long stays. Ronda also served as inspiration for Prosper Mérimée for his novella “Carmen”, which was then used to create the libretto for George Bizet’s most popular opera “Carmen”. This is no wonder, because the atmosphere of the city not only makes poets rave about.
Track 5: picos de europe
“Summit of Europe”. The Picos de Europa are located within the Cantabrian Mountains in northern Spain. They extend over parts of Asturias, Castile-León and Cantabria.
Track 11: españa mi amor
“Spain my love”. Spain is and will always be my great love. From the wonderful landscapes, the indescribably good food and the irresistible flamenco and the extraordinary women, to the relaxed way of life – Spain has a big place in my heart.
Track 6: noche en la playa“night on the beach”. What could be nicer than a night on the beach. A campfire, a bottle of red wine, guitars and good friends. This is the closest thing to my idea of heaven.







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  1. Moin Frank.
    Mir hat wieder das ganze album sehr gut gefallen.
    Musikalisch wieder ganz grosse klasse.
    Deine musik trägt,
    auf eine ganz fantastische weise dazu bei, eine reise durch die spanischen Regionen zu erleben
    Ganz toll👌🏻 …Weiter so!

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