chill under purple neon lights

Below us the city spreads its liquid wings of light and darkness. Raindrops make their blurred path along our window panes. 

Dark, damp, shiny asphalt and faceless people pulsate in purple neon lights and while we fill our lungs I feel myself fading out into disembodied weightlessness.

chill under purple neon lights

Ambient, Dark Ambient, Chill, Chillout

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Frank Wienands
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chill under purple neon lights
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3 thoughts on “chill under purple neon lights”

  1. Really a great album.
    The lightness of the music contrasts with the text, but gives the music a special meaning.
    Once again very successful.

  2. Hallo Frank,
    ich habe heute beim traden dein Album in Dauerschleife gehört. Unglaublich entspannend. Und es gibt immer was neues zu entdecken. Jetzt werde ich mich einmal durch deine anderen Alben arbeiten.
    Bis bald

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