The Magic Forest III - Final Chapter "The Forest"

Ambient Studio / Frank Wienands - Ambient & Electronic Music - Magic Forest III
Ambient & Electronic Music - Magic Forest III
chillout, ambient, relaxing music, new age

About The Album

And finally, after all the effort and the long hike, the resistance and dangers, he finally stood at the gate of the magical forest.
A small white rabbit guarded the entrance and watched him with wide,
curious eyes.
“So you’ve finally arrived. They’re all waiting for you!”
“Who are they?” he answered.
“Everyone. You’ll recognize them when you step through the gate,”
said the rabbit. “You only have to think it and the gate will open.”
He closed his eyes and thought about moving towards the gate.
He felt a pull and how his fears, all insecurity and pain, all sadness
and despair, dissolved into nothing and a feeling of warmth and
deep love rose in him.
Then he saw them all and his happiness knew no bounds.
Then he finally entered the forest……..